2014 Jun 09

Simply Natural Life Announces Special Fatherís Day Offer

by Loretta Green

Florida company is giving more than 50% discount off retail on their menís shaving items

Clearwater, FL, June 9, 2014 – Florida based retailer of all-natural men's shaving products, Simply Natural Life, today announced Father's Day Special Offer.

Father's Day is here… and families love to give Dad a gift that will please him.

Founder and owner of Simply Natural Life, Loretta Green said: "We wanted to get this out in good time for Father's Day. People are already thinking about what to buy for their Dads. Well, if Dad loves a great, smooth shaving experience, he can get it with our Henry Cavendish Shave Soap or Brushless Shaving Cream. These are both high quality products, yet with an affordable price tag, now discounted even further till June 15th"

Ms. Green added, "We know how important your Dad's health is to you and so it is to us. We guarantee that our products contain only the purest and most natural ingredients, safe for Dad's health and great for his skin."

Here's one customer's honest opinion after using the Henry Cavendish Shave Soap, "Awesome shave soap! I am new to DE (double edge) shaving and have been trying to find those very special, essential products that make my shaving experience not only great but unique to me. I have tried a few different soaps and razors... but since I added this soap to my regime I am ecstatic! I love this soap. I have found my go to soap now along with a DE blade I love as well. Henry Cavendish paired with a Gillette silver blue was the best shave I have ever had in my entire life. This soap not only has a very light pleasant smell but it lathers up fairly quickly and is nice and creamy and leaves my face slick so the razor just glide. I have a very thick beard too and this soap lifted the hairs and just made it a pleasant experience. Also, my face has never felt so moisturized and soft after a shave. I am very happy with this product and will be purchasing more in the future. I just hope you keep selling this wonderful product." Nathan S.

Another customer was impressed with the Shaving Cream, "With the start of the very first shave, I knew I had found the perfect shaving cream because of the way the razor glided across my whiskers. I am very impressed because of the smooth refreshing shave I got right from the start. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a close, smooth and effortless shave!" Roger T.

The Henry Cavendish website has lots more testimonials from very happy customers.

 Simply Natural Life has slashed all prices to greater than 50% off normal retail as a special gift for Father's Day. No coupon is required. All prices have been reduced on their web sites until June 15th.

The Henry Cavendish online store accepts every major credit card using Amazon.com. Items can be shipped anywhere in the United States, and gift wrapping is available in case dad is away from home. Customers should order soon to guarantee products arrive in time for Father's Day.



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