2014 Jun 23

Simply Natural Life Announces Product Design Change Of All-Natural Shaving Cream

by Loretta Green

New Brand: Henry Cavendish Sandalwood Brushless Shave Cream tames the beard, and leaves skin in top condition

Florida based retailer of all-natural men's shaving products, Simply Natural Life, today announced a new branding and design for their Sandalwood Brushless Shaving Cream.
Founder and owner, Loretta Green said: "Our Brushless Shave Cream is now branded as part of our Henry Cavendish line of products. The concept is to inspire a return to some old values, some of life's simple pleasures, like a traditional barber shop shave. Henry Cavendish Shave Cream is soft and delicate and lubricates the skin to keep it slick during the shave. It also soothes and prevents skin from drying out. It‘s a high quality product, yet comes with a very affordable price tag."

The company's shaving soaps and creams are guaranteed to contain only the most pure and natural ingredients, which promise to deliver superb results with traditional razor shaving.

Their new product brand, Henry Cavendish Brushless Shave Cream has natural ingredients: calendula, comfrey, aloe and goldenseal to soothe irritations on skin that is sensitive to shaving, plus anti-oxidants, green tea and Vitamin E to keep skin smooth and toned. It is mildly scented with pure Sandalwood essential oil. The company is committed to never use synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Ms. Green added: "To get a really great shave, skip the supermarket altogether. Avoid creams containing menthol, they close the pores, stiffen the beard, and numb the skin. Also, be aware of ingredients such as ‘parfum' and ‘fragrance' which can mean a combination of chemicals that can be extremely toxic. Our traditional glycerin-based shave cream is guaranteed to be good for you and good for your skin."

Users on the Amazon website agree with Ms. Green: John wrote: "I loved this shaving cream! I normally use the ones you get at your local stores, but Gillette has nothing on this. My skin usually gets dry using Gillette and it makes it itchy sometimes afterwards but this is perfect for my skin… leaves it smooth, no rash or itchy feeling afterwards. I definitely recommend it!"

Here's another customer's honest opinion after using the Henry Cavendish Shave Cream:  "I really enjoyed the shaving experience. Very smooth close shave. A little goes a long way. Love the fact that this product is natural. This is a shaving cream I highly recommend." Sid Scheck.
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On the Henry Cavendish website one can find more testimonials from happy customers.   

The Henry Cavendish online store accepts every major credit card using Amazon.com. Items can be shipped anywhere in the United States.



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