2014 Jan 15

Simply Natural Life enhances their traditional shaving line.

by Loretta Green

Company launches an all natural shaving cream!

At present there is a multitude of shaving products available in the market place, yet very few satisfy and meet the needs of those individuals who want a fine quality shave. In addition to that, there have been few shaving products available with the unique benefits of a traditional shave, while only containing all natural products. Simply Natural Life has announced a new shaving cream that will truly make a difference.

The company’s philosophy is to market exclusive superb high quality products, with focus on what is simple and natural, yet at affordable prices. Simply Natural Life founder and owner, Loretta Green, states that she believes in luxury on a budget! There is no need to sacrifice the simple luxuries of life. She added that the company is dedicated to good living and will only promote all natural, non-toxic products with the purpose of simplifying and making life more enjoyable!

Their shaving soaps and creams are guaranteed to contain only the most pure and natural ingredients, which promise to deliver superb results in shaving with the purpose to revive the traditional shave.

Loretta Green, stated that in today’s world, people are always in a rush. That is the reason why she, together with her company decided to showcase shaving products that are designed to encourage a return to some of the traditional values. The aim of Simply Natural Life is to encourage people to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like a traditional shave.

Loretta Green commented that for most men, shaving is a tiresome part of the morning routine, something to accomplish swiftly, but your face is the first thing people notice about you, so take some extra care to make sure you’re getting the best shave possible. Put your best face forward by using this traditional English glycerin-based shaving cream.

She explained that some benefits of the new product are that it promotes a smooth shave by lifting the hair shafts as the razor glides across them, and the foaming emollient cream leaves skin silky soft and smooth, it also rinses easily and leaves skin moisturized, not dry.

Its key ingredients are:
* Calendula, comfrey, goldenseal soothe, soften and heal dry, chaffed skin sensitive to shaving
* Anti-oxidant’s green tea & vitamin E help slow the skin’s aging process
* Oat Beta Glucan and gotu kola promotes moisturization and skin elasticity
* Sandalwood essential oil soothes and conditions skin

It is Simply Natural and Paraben-Free.  Simply Natural Life warns people to avoid soaps and creams containing menthol, they close the pores, stiffen your beard, and numb the skin.

Simply Natural Life is a company based in Florida. All of their personal care products are manufactured in the USA. They have recently launched their new line of traditional shave products and encourage everyone to take a step back to old traditional values. In comparison to other companies, Simply Natural Life focuses on what is simple and natural in life. There is no need to sacrifice the luxuries of life, even if you’re on a budget.



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