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Awesome shave soap!

I am new to DE shaving and have been trying to find those very special, essential products that make my DE shaving experience not only great but unique to me. I have tried a few different soaps and razors, I have nothing but a good experience since I made the change to wet DE shaving. I love it, my face has never felt better and shaving is actually fun now, almost my zen time of the day now. That being said, I was happy before, since I added this soap to my regime I am ecstatic. I love this soap, I have found my go to soap now along with a DE blade I love as well. Henry Cavendish paired with a Gillette silver blue was the best shave I have ever had in my entire life. This soap not only has a very light pleasant smell but it lathers up fairly quickly and is nice and creamy and leaves my face nice and slick for the razor to just glide over my face. I have a very thick beard to and this soap lifted the hairs and just made it a pleasant experience. Also, my face has never felt so moisturized and soft after a shave. I am very happy with this product and will be purchasing more in the future. I just hope you keep selling this wonderful product.
Nathan S,

Holds a great lather

I have to say, there is a wide array of quality when it comes to shaving soaps. I have been using them for some 15 years now, and I have to say this is one of the best. It holds a lather on my face for a long time and is nice and slippery for my razor. I have just switched to a metal safety razor, which requires much more focus while shaving. This shaving soap is making the learning curve much smoother for a safety razor newbie. The scent is a little light, but it won't conflict with anything else I put on so I guess that can be a good thing. I will order this soap again.
Letha A. Lowalsky,

NO NICKS anywhere!

I'm never able to shave without creating nicks on my face. I always end up bleeding no matter what razor or how careful I am, lol! Because of that I do not shave everyday… only when I have to!

So I was on the fence about trying Henry Cavendish Shave Soap and not sure it would prevent this sort of thing. But I decided to give it a shot. Personally I loved that idea that this soap could prevent the problems I always have with nicks!

Result? I am really amazed… not only does my skin feel fantastic, after a very invigorating shave, but I have NO NICKS anywhere! No little red dots!

This is good stuff, nice smooth shave and very wonderful smell too!

No need for after shave… I love the mild smell on my face! LOVE it! LOVE it!

Daniel G, WA

Meets high expectations!

This generous bar leaves a smooth feel after the shave. Great fresh smell and well worth the price. Nice change from my usual drug store shave soap.
Laurel D,

LOVE knowing it’s a non-toxic shave!

Upon delivery, I was really impressed with the packaging, it felt like a premium product. I was also impressed that it was indeed 100% natural (which I am very particular about these days due to the horrific toxins in most other products out there).

It lathered nicely and made shaving really easy and quick compared to the soap I was using before. I highly recommend this product for not only a close, easy shave, but for the health benefits of a natural soap!
Mike L, TX

Great smooth shave, rinses clean!
I like to shave in the shower so the puck-style soap works great for me (don't even bother with a brush… just lather the bar up on your stubble).

I found this shaving soap supplied a particularly nice layer of lubricant protection to my skin while shaving and then rinsed off easily and fully.

I found this surprising as I assumed it would be difficult to rinse off like so many other oil-based products.

Afterwards my skin feels smooth and moisturized but not oily. A superior product overall, and one that I would highly recommend.
Grant B, Florida

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Henry Cavendish Shave Soap

Testimonials - Brushless Shaving Cream.

Nice Shave Cream

I switched from aerosol can shaving foam to shaving brush and shaving cream. This product is very creamy and lightly scented. It can be used with a brush or brushless. It provides great lubrication with moderate foam. Seems like it has nice skin conditioner as well.

Good Stuff

Excellent shaving product!

Goes on very nice, provides great skin protection! It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized!
Keith Jr,

Highly recommend, great product, no cuts!
I'm used to shaving creams that really dry out your skin afterwards or take a while to fully rinse off. This was very easy to use and rinsed right off, and left my skin smooth with no dryness.

I am part Italian and have very dark, thick facial hair so I have to use a razor in different directions on my face to get a clean shave. Sometimes this leaves small cuts.

But no cuts with this! Highly recommend, great product!
Alex B, CA

Very impressed with this product
I have been using this product for nearly a week and am very impressed because it's giving me excellent shaves.

A very small amount of the cream is all that's needed. With my earlier shaving cream I was at the point of tossing out the rasor blade and installing a new one, but with this cream the used blade seems to be lasting on and on!

The cream provides very good lubrication and I have noted my skin is smoother for it.
Michael P, FL

Very impressed!

I really enjoyed the shaving experience. Very smooth close shave.

A little goes a long way. Love the fact that this product is all natural.

This is a shaving cream I highly recommend.
Sidney S, FL

A Great Smooth Shaving Product

With the start of the very first shave, I knew I had found the perfect shaving cream because of the way the razor glided across my whiskers.

I am very impressed because of the smooth refreshing shave I got right from the start.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a close, smooth and effortless shave. From now on it's Olde Barber Shoppe for me.
Roger T.


I loved this shaving cream!, I normally use the ones you get at your local stores, but G..... has nothing on this.

My skin usually gets dry using G..... and it makes it itchy sometimes afterwards but with this it's perfect for my skin, leaves it smooth, no rash or itchy felling afterwards.

I definitely recommend it!

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Henry Cavendish Brushless Shaving Cream
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